Brands Just Catching On in Jewelry and Diamonds

July 6, 2006

Brands Just Catching On in Jewelry and Diamonds

Awareness of branded diamonds is beginning to catch on among jewelry consumers, but it's still not enough to entice many of them to pay more, according to a recent study by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council.

The JCOC conducted a research panel with 2,571 consumers in May 2006. The council originally conducted a similar survey in October 2004.

Of the 13% of respondents who do own a branded diamond, 34% cannot identify the specific brand. Zales Diamond and Hearts on Fire remain the most widely recognized diamond brands. However, between the October 2004 study and this May 2006 study, Hearts on Fire has gained recognition while Zales Diamond has appeared to have lost some of its consumer market recognition. The most recognized brands from the May 2006 study include:

  • Zale Diamond - 26%
  • Hearts on Fire - 17%
  • Radiant - 11%
  • Leo Diamond - 10%
  • Princess Plus - 6%
  • Escada - 4%
  • Love Story - 4%
  • Lazar Diamond - 4%
  • Kristall - 3%
  • Lucida - 3%
  • Quadrillion - 3%
  • Polar Bear - 1%
  • Ritani - 1%
  • Tycoon - 1%
Of the participating panel members, 45% said they would be unwilling to pay a premium for branded diamond jewelry. Respondents who do not own branded diamonds cited a number of reasons for not owning one, including that they are too expensive (20%), that they've never heard of branded diamonds (20%), that they've never considered branded diamonds (17%) and that they've never received them as a gift (19%).

In addition, of the two-thirds of respondents who do not own branded jewelry at all, 32% cite price as a reason not to purchase the jewelry.

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