Diamond Trading Company Announces Increased Advertising Plans for 2006

May 17, 2006

Diamond Trading Company Announces Increased Advertising Plans for 2006

(New York, NY) - The Diamond Trading Company, in conjunction with JWT, announces a 17 percent increase in media expenditure over previously proposed plans for 2006.

"In 2005, diamond sales increased for the 10th consecutive year," says Richard Lennox, Director in Charge of the diamond group at JWT. "We recognize that we can grow the market at an even faster rate by increasing the dollars we spend on media exposure."

The additional money spent will impact three areas of JWT's already extensive advertising campaign:

  • The launch of the Diamond Trading Company's latest big idea, Journey Diamond Jewelry.
  • Continued support of proven market drivers, Three Stone Diamond Jewelry and Diamond Right Hand Ring.
  • A comprehensive Holiday program during the important fourth quarter.

Journey Diamond Jewelry
The first step in the increased campaign is an expanded launch of Journey Diamond Jewelry, the Diamond Trading Company's newest "gift of love."

Moved from September to August, the launch will have a 65 percent increase in media spending over the original plan. In addition, the Journey launch will now be supported with a 60-second TV spot, as well as two-page spreads in print publications.

"Journey Diamond Jewelry is expected to have an amazing impact on the market, much like Diamond Right Hand Ring and Three Stone Diamond Jewelry have had since their respective launches," says Lennox. "We are taking the Journey launch to the next level by expanding our reach and starting the buzz a bit earlier."

Market Drivers
JWT also plans increased support of proven product categories: Three Stone Diamond Jewelry and Diamond Right Hand Ring.

The sentimental Three Stone Diamond Jewelry category, well known for representing a couple's Past, Present and Future, is already a $10 billion market. Yet 87 percent of women in the United States have not received a piece of Three Stone Diamond Jewelry. Recognizing an opportunity to expand the tremendous development of this product category, JWT is adding five incremental weeks of the acclaimed television commercial, "Hands", during the summer months, as well as increased print insertions of "Timeline," both featuring Three Stone Diamond Jewelry with the words "Past, Present and Future."

The sale of Diamond Right Hand Rings has increased 15 percent each year since the program's launch in 2003. To boost the continued growth of this proven category, members of the trade will be offered the opportunity to participate in an insert in the September fall fashion issue of Lucky Magazine at a discounted rate. JWT is also developing a partnership with Style.com for high-end jewelry retailers to be featured in an integrated program.

Finally, JWT will increase media expenditure on behalf of the Diamond Trading Company during the crucial fourth quarter Holiday market. Focusing on Journey Diamond Jewelry, Three Stone Diamond Jewelry and staple diamond pieces (diamond stud earrings, diamond solitaire pendants and diamond line bracelets), the Holiday program will urge men to celebrate their love in a way that she will remember for years to come.

The robust campaign will include incremental print efforts to support these staple diamond pieces, the must-haves in every woman's jewelry wardrobe.

One of the most significant additions to the overall advertising campaign is the development of a new television spot for Holiday, featuring Journey and Three Stone Diamond product.

"We felt a new television commercial was the perfect way to utilize the incremental dollars to reinvigorate Holiday and to encourage men to do something truly memorable this Christmas by presenting her with the ultimate symbol of love," said Lennox.


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