IGI Identifies Stolen 20-Carat Diamond

May 1, 2006

IGI Identifies Stolen 20-Carat Diamond

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) said in a release today that it intercepted a stolen 20-carat diamond, which may have been stolen from Lazare Kaplan International, at the IGI laboratory in Antwerp, Belgium.

The diamond — a round, brilliant-cut stone that was D-color, flawless, and high-pressure, high-temperature processed — was submitted to the lab in April. IGI said that Lazare Kaplan had reported a stolen diamond matching the same description to the lab six months earlier, so the lab was able to detect the stone using tracking software. The lab's experts identified signs that indicated the diamond's laser inscription on the girdle had been erased or obscured.

The Antwerp judicial authorities took over the matter after sequestering the stolen stone, according to the laboratory.

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