Site Review | Professional Jeweler

October 10, 2001

Jewelers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania will be interested in, a community of high-quality jewelry stores based in the four states. The site provides shoppers with information about buying jewelry and recommends jewelry stores that pass its 20-point evaluation.

Consumers new to jewelry shopping can find some valuable information at The site has jewelry buying guides for diamonds, pearls and gold. Each is filled with useful information, but most of it is basic, and there are no images to help explain concepts such as diamond color and clarity. The guides do provide handy buying checklists to help new shoppers ask the right questions while shopping. also has an extensive list of recommended jewelry stores in the four states. The directory is easy to navigate; however, it doesn't provide much information about the stores. Most listings include only the store name, address and phone number. Most likely, this is because charges a per month fee for stores to be listed, and the most reasonable price is for the simple basic listing.

Unfortunately, these simple store listings could hurt the site in the long run. Shoppers can use their local yellow pages to find nearby jewelers, and they will get just as much or more information about their local stores. The basic listings don't even include Web site addresses, so they aren't of much value to shoppers who want to look or buy online. The only thing that sets this site apart is that it reviews each jewelry store for high quality standards, but that may not be enough incentive for visitors to use the site more than once.

Since the site currently doesn't offer much information, visitors may run out of things to look at quickly and move on to other sites. If the site were to add more jewelry-buying information or partner with another jewelry information site, it would have more appeal to shoppers and be more than just a one-time stop. Additionally, the site needs to include Web addresses with basic store listings to make the jewelry store directory more useful for online shoppers and browsers.

- by Julia M. Duncan