Site Review | Professional Jeweler

September 19, 2001

Consumers looking for jewelry information are welcome at, the American Gem Society's redesigned Web site. It provides information about AGS jewelers in addition to detailed gemstone information, gift guides and jewelry care information, and AGS says the site will be heavily promoted in the consumer media. For the jewelry industry, the site offers recent AGS news and a members' area that allows easy access to AGS products and programs.

The consumer area of is well stocked with information. There are pages about AGS and why to shop at an AGS jeweler, and there's a section for locating a jeweler. The "Buying Gemstones" section provides visitors with in depth information – such as interesting facts, history, name derivation, durability, care and fashion – about 13 gemstones. Additional information about diamonds, including a diamond-grading chart, is available in the "Buying a Diamond" section. also has a gift guide to provide consumers with shopping ideas for more than 10 occasions. Visitors select an occasion – such as anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day or sweet sixteen – and get a page of images of selected jewelry items suitable for a gift. None of the items have descriptions or designer information, and though the section is under construction, there are ideas for some of the listed occasions.

While much of the site is consumer-focused, industry members will find the site useful as well. Besides the members' area, there are links to more AGS information, including the AGS Collection, AGS Bridal, diamond line bracelets featured in the consumer press and previous articles.

- by Julia M. Duncan