Site Review | Professional Jeweler

April 18, 2001

Using search engines such as Yahoo! or Excite to find news,information and do research can be tedious. While search engines index most Web sites by category, the categories aren't necessarily geared to your personal needs and interests., however, is. It's a portal site for business executives designed by a CEO. The site is filled with information and links to sites that are useful to almost anyone involved in running a company.

The biggest part of is its links to information on the Web business people need. If you're looking for news and information, has links for daily news; business magazines; newsfeeds; tech magazines and news; weather; international news and more. Anyone needing to perform business research will benefit from the sites links to financial markets, government agencies, statistics, Internet research & surveys, small business information, online marketing and company research. The site also has links for office tools and travel as well as links to non-business related leisure sites. For women in business, has a section called "Execudiva" with links for working women. In addition, if you have a pressing business question you can't find an answer for anywhere, is there to help. The site has an "Ask an Expert" section where anyone can submit a question and get an answer in two to three business days.

The links to news and information are free, but more services are available for a subscription fee. Members of the site can customize the site's home page to suit their needs. All sections and categories can be collapsed and expanded with one mouse click, and members can add up to nine personal categories with links. Other premium services include: a finance center with a customized portfolio and real-time stock ticker, a news ticker with the latest headlines, headlines and articles for up to six topics you choose, a weather center that tracks the latest conditions in one or more locations and an executive reading room with summaries of the best business books of the month. Members even have access to VIP live assistance where they can get help with anything from gift ideas to what type of cell phone to buy.

The site offers more links than unique content, but it's organized in a way that's convenient and simple to use. Business people who use the Internet for news and research could save a lot of time using rather than a search engine when looking for information.

- by Julia M. Duncan