Site Review | Professional Jeweler

January 31, 2001

If you're a jeweler looking for supplies or services or you're a consumer looking for a jeweler, can help you out. The site contains two large databases: one filled with information about jewelers and another filled with companies that provide goods and services for jewelers.

The consumer section of the site gives visitors the option to search for a jeweler, join Scope's mailing list and check out Scope's partner sites, a selection of highly recommended sites. Searching for a jeweler is simple. Users select a state, and returns a list of jewelers with contact information for each and descriptions and Web addresses for some. A search for jewelers in Pennsylvania returned only seven, so it's obviously not a complete list of jewelers in the state. However, the information about each is valuable enough to make this a good first stop for customers looking for a local jeweler.

The section for jewelers is definitely the more valuable of the two sections. First, jewelers can find a form in this section to add their stores to Scope's jeweler database. It's a simple online form, and the information is entered into the database immediately after the "submit" button is clicked.

Jewelers can also search Scope's database for industry-related Web sites. The site has 175 categories to choose from, including advertising, alarm systems, castings, consulting, diamonds, estate jewelry and more. A search for "tools and equipment" returned 12 companies, each with contact information and a Web address and most with descriptions. Again, the results don't contain as complete list of companies as you might find searching an online or print trade magazine directory, but it's a start.

Overall the site is simple, but helpful. The black background makes it difficult to read some of the search results, but the links and company information appeared to be accurate. The site is listed in Yahoo's jewelry shopping section under "Web directories" so it's probable that many consumers end up there. It wouldn't hurt to add your store's information – you may just end up with more customers.

- by Julia M. Duncan