Site Review | Professional Jeweler

January 17, 2001

Exquisite images and simple yet innovative design make jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris' new Web site stand apart from the rest. The site is filled with beautiful images of his jewelry designs along with information about him and his work.

The main sections of Morris' site are: Biography, The Collections, Hot Off the Bench, Inspirations, Press and Events, The Gallery and Where To Buy It. The Biography section is about five pages and covers Morris' life including his childhood and when his jewelry designs first became popular. The Inspirations section includes images and details about some of the things in nature that inspire his designs, such as hurricanes, shells and spider webs. Press and Events is a section filled with information about upcoming events as well as details about Morris' coverage in the consumer and trade press.

Anyone interested in seeing some of Morris' best work should check out The Collections section. It's filled with large images of his designs along with links to any national advertisements they have been featured in. For a sneak peak at the newest Robert Lee Morris designs, visitors can check out the Hot Off the Bench section. It includes an image and details about the latest design and where and when it can be purchased. For information about where to purchase Morris' designs, users can check out The Gallery section, which features details about the Robert Lee Morris Gallery in New York City, or they can click on the Where To Buy It section. This section has an interactive map, and users can click on a part of the country to receive a full list of stores carrying Morris' designs in the selected area. Users can also click on the Enjewel link to purchase his designs online.

In addition, a trade-only section is planned for the site. The password-protected section is expected to include selling tips, production information, event notification and contact information for the wholesale showroom of Robert Lee Morris Inc.

- by Julia M. Duncan