Site Review | Professional Jeweler

September 19, 2000
Bonny Doon Engineering

Bonny Doon Engineering's Web site is definitely a site to remember. It's full of information and products every jeweler and metalsmith needs, and everything is presented in a simple format that's easy to understand and navigate.

The largest section of the Bonny Doon site is the "Catalogue," which contains all of the products in the 2000 Bonny Doon Engineering catalog. Throughout the catalog, there is a menu on the left for easy navigation through the product sections. Each section opens with a list of all products and small images of each where necessary. Once a user clicks on a specific product, the next page contains a slightly larger image, a full description, the item number and the price. The only difficulty is for those wishing to purchase an item online. They need to write down the product name, item number and price, then fill that information into the online form, which is submitted by e-mail. Customers can also order over the phone or by fax, but any way they order, they must do extra work.

The other sections of the site are "Forums," "Workshops," "Background," "Learn," "Links" and "Gallery." The forums appear to be active, with new postings daily and multiple views of each posting. Users ask each other questions and respond to others' ideas. The "Workshop" section has an up-to-date list of upcoming workshops with links to more information about each, and "Background" is a fun section with the history of the company and links to random information throughout.

No jewelry-related site would be complete without an education section, and at Bonny Doon Engineering that section is called "Learn." It's packed with helpful information and links to products in the catalog where necessary. Users can even sign up for the Bonny Doon newsletter here. The "Links" section is a great follow-up to the learn section. It includes links to sites about arts and metals, technical information, publications and "other stuff."

The Bonny Doon Engineering site also contains a gallery of work done by artists using the Bonny Doon press. Users can click on one of the small images to get a larger image and a description of what tools were used to make the piece. There are even links to products in the catalog where relevant.

Overall, the site is clean, simple and user-friendly. Even jewelers and metalsmiths who aren't shopping for new tools will find something useful here.

- by Julia M. Duncan