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August 14, 2000 iQVC

QVC is not just on TV; it has a strong online presence as well. Last year, QVC sold $97 million of merchandise on the Web – its site has been profitable since its third month of operation after launching in 1996. It's not hard to see why shoppers buy from iQVC: the site is well organized, it's easy to find specific merchandise, products are described well, the image quality is good and there are plenty of extra features to make shopping simpler.

iQVC offers a lot of merchandise on its site, and it would be easy for anyone to get lost trying to sift through its thousands of products. iQVC helps make the shopping experience better by having a full site navigation bar in a frame at the top of every page and a navigation bar for the category the user is browsing on the left of the page. It's simple for users to jump from section to section without getting lost in the site. Customers can also browse in each category by sub-category or brand, and searching is always an option.

The compare feature at iQVC also helps make shopping simpler and more efficient. When browsing the long list of gemstone rings for sale, users can mark the ones they are interested in by checking the box next to each. Then the user can compare the rings by clicking on the "Quick Compare" button at the bottom of the list. Pictures of the selected rings, along with prices and short descriptions, appear on the next page. This allows customers to view a bunch of products at once, and they can view larger pictures and full descriptions of the products by clicking on them. In addition, clicking on the product image in the individual product pages brings up an even larger image of it.

Checkout is easy, and customers can even save things to their wish lists. If a customer has a question, there are many ways to get an answer. iQVC allows users to chat online with customer service, correspond with a customer-service representative through e-mail or speak with one by calling the toll-free number. The shopping experience is simple and efficient – something every customer can appreciate.

- by Julia M. Duncan