Site Review | Professional Jeweler

August 1, 2000 Jest Jewels

The Jest Jewels online store is simple and comprehensive, like many other online jewelry stores. Jest Jewels, however, has discovered a little-known secret about Web shoppers who want to buy jewelry: they want to really see the jewelry. They want close-ups. They want pictures of all sides, and they even want detailed product descriptions.

When a customer is shopping for jewelry in a bricks-and-mortar store, he or she can pick up the products and inspect them in great detail. That is not possible on the Web, so close-up detailed pictures are necessary. Product descriptions that include the dimensions and materials used are also important. How else can customers know exactly what they are viewing at an online store? Surprisingly, many online jewelry stores ignore this, but luckily for shoppers, Jest Jewels doesn't.

In each section, Jest Jewels lists all their products with a small image for each. Once a customer clicks on a product, the new page has a large image and a short detailed description. If the customer wants to inspect the product further, he or she can click on the product's picture to view an even larger picture. When viewing watches online, for example, a customer probably wants to see what the watch face looks like in great detail. It isn't enough just to have a standard-sized image because customers won't be able to make out what the watch hands look like and how the hours are marked. Jest Jewels' customers, however, can even see the logo on the watch.

Beyond the extra-large images and detailed product descriptions, Jest Jewels has an easy-to-use site. The navigation is simple, the shopping cart program is easy and everything is categorized. The site may not use all the latest Internet technology, but it does what it needs to do: it gives shoppers clear pictures of the merchandise, and lets them decide on their own.

- by Julia M. Duncan