Site Review | Professional Jeweler

March 6, 2000
Erica Courtney Erica Courtney

Web shoppers hate to wait, and smart site designers know it. That presents a problem if you're a jewelry designer with highly detailed work – you want potential customers to see what you can do. But you don't want to force them to wait so long they click away.

Los Angeles designer-to-the-stars Erica Courtney solved the problem with a savvy use of low- and high-resolution images. Click your way to her online "Catalog" and you'll find 16 pages of fast-loading – though small and grainy – images. Each page features two or more items, ranging from a white gold chain necklace with a platinum diamond pavé cross charm ($20,715) to a white gold 14k tanzanite and diamond ring ($9,360) and a sterling silver ID bracelet with sterling silver and 14k gold charm ($425). See something you like? Click on the image for a larger, high-resolution image. The site warns loading these larger images could take up to 30 seconds. When Professional Jeweler visited, it took about 10 seconds.

Unlike her jewelry, Courtney's site is simple – a result, perhaps, that she only has her own jewelry to display. The home page offers three choices: Courtney's professional biography, the merchandise and contact information. For a real taste of Hollywood priorities, check out Courtney's bio. On top, you'll find a list of her clients: Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Taylor, Neve Campbell, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Geena Davis, Jenny Garth, Carmen Electra, Courtney Love, Brooke Shields and Angela Bassett. Only farther down do you get information about Courtney's jewelry – which, this season, emphasizes butterflies and flowers on pearls and precious stones – and her 15-year career.

Want more information or directions to a retailer who carries Courtney's jewelry? Click on the "Contact" page for an e-mail address or the phone number of Courtney's two-year-old store on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.

- by Mark E. Dixon