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December 13, 1999
Always In Style Always In Style

These days, you pretty much have to be among the elite to engage personal shopping advisors – department store employees who get to know your tastes and features and woo you with hand-picked clothes and shoes. And while a computer can never compensate for such a luxury, consumers who want the extra attention without paying the premium can turn to Web sites such as Always In Style, which evaluates your colors, skin type and personality to determine what you should be wearing.

Once you choose the style advisor for men or women, you'll complete several surveys about yourself – eye, hair and skin colors, favorite color palettes, skin and hair types, and a section on personality to determine your "fashion type." At the end of each survey, the site makes recommendations on skin and hair care regiments, clothing staples to have in your closet, ideal colors, eyeglasses shapes and styles to look for and avoid. There are also sections for body type, fragrances and aromatherapy and an "At Home" section to help you decorate your house.

When you receive suggestions about an area of personal style, a link labeled "Custom Shop" will take you to a list of sites where you can shop for styles. (The feature is still under construction for many areas of the site.) An accompanying on-line magazine highlights hot fashions for men and women. Jewelers can read the magazine to get a rundown of current styles to pair with jewelry fashions or suggest the site to women seeking the perfect colored gemstone jewelry styles for their coloring and personality types.

- by Stacey King