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November 8, 1999
Diamond Promotion Service Diamond Promotion Service

De Beers spends millions in advertising and marketing to U.S. consumers for the benefit of retail jewelers who sell diamonds. It's the job of the Diamond Promotion Service, De Beers' New York City marketing arm, to help retailers tie in their own promotions with the highly-recognized advertising grabbing consumers' attention.

DPS' Web site, launched this week, documents all its marketing and sales support efforts in one place so retailers can stay abreast of developments. Visit "What's New" to read about the latest TV commercials and print ads, see pictures of recent outdoor ad campaigns in "Consumer Advertising" and find descriptions, prices and ordering information for DPS sales tools and training programs in "Tools to Help You Sell Diamonds" and "Training and Education."

A couple of features may prove extremely helpful for the marketing-savvy jeweler. These include:

  • The Advertising Source Guide, which provides the name and phone number for manufacturers of jewelry featured in De Beers' TV commercials and print ads. Customers often take a liking to styles they see in the popular ads and ask their jewelers where to find the jewelry – now there's an easy way to find out.
  • De Beers' seasonal media schedule, showing plans for direct mail, newspaper, magazine, outdoor and TV campaigns targeted to men and women in the upcoming season.
  • A list of phone numbers for the seven DPS regional directors.
In time for Y2K, the site also includes a section called "Selling Diamonds for the Millennium." There's a Millennium Planning Calendar to help retailers plan promotions, descriptions of available marketing materials and reprints of DPS' special promotional sections geared toward promotional ideas and putting together a millennium diamond collection.

If your store frequently ties in with large-scale diamond promotion campaigns, bookmark this new addition to trade-oriented sites on the Web; it will definitely be a handy resource. Be sure you've registered for your TradeLock™ password from Polygon, as the DPS site uses the system to restrict its site to the trade; to get a password, visit

- by Stacey King