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November 1, 1999
National Gemstone National Gemstone

Colored gemstone collectors, retailers and dealers can benefit from the information and services offered on this site, which is updated occasionally with exceptional gemstones for sale and news about gem finds and trends.

Robert Genis, president of National Gemstone, writes a quarterly Web newsletter called The Gemstone Forecaster, which includes market updates on producing countries, information on new finds, news for collectors and reports from gem shows. Current and back issues of the illustrated newsletter can be found at the Web site, along with an invitation to join the e-mail list to be notified when a new issue of the newsletter appears.

The site includes recent and historical price charts for diamonds, Burma rubies and sapphires, and Colombian emeralds, with the disclaimer that they're to be used as general indicators only. The section "How to Collect Gems for Fun and Profit" provides guidelines for discovering collection-worthy stones top prices paid, optimum colors, supply sources and lore.

National Gemstone specializes in top-quality colored gemstones and offers some for sale on-line. The site pictures several special stones with detailed descriptions of their cuts and the way they reflect light; the company will also send digital images of gemstones by request to interested buyers.

- by Stacey King