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August 30, 1999
Women's Wear Daily Women's Wear Daily Online

If it's fashion you want, it's fashion you'll get at WWD Online, the Web version of fashion industry bible Women's Wear Daily.

You'll have to decide how badly you need this site before you venture too far into it – accessing full stories and archives will cost you $2,000 for six months. However, checking in at the home page a couple of times a week is free and worthwhile.

Each day the front page features the print edition's cover photo, summarizes the current trend it represents and lists designer credits. Once a week (usually on Mondays) the topic turns to accessories, so a weekly read will give you an idea of what major retailers are eyeing for their fine and costume jewelry departments. Sportwear and ready-to-wear features also neatly wrap up clothing trends you can pair with jewelry styles to promote fashion purchases to your female customers.

- by Stacey King