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August 9, 1999
Greenwich Time

Time – that precious and elusive thing of which most people are usually losing track – is the single theme of this Web site, dedicated to Greenwich Mean Time, the standard time zone along the Prime Meridian on which all other time zones are based. Yet the simple concept brings together many other "timely" topics: the millennium, this week's solar eclipse, the controversial Meridian line dome and more. This is a perfect site for watch customers interested in more than just checking the hour.

The site is foremost a perfect place to synchronize your watches. Visit the Time section to see the U.S. Navy clock for current Greenwich Mean Time (also known as Coordinated Universal Time) or listen to a real-time broadcast of the U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock repeating accurate times. You also can click on a link to compare your computer's time with Universal Time.

You can find world time zones, definitions of time units as set forth by the International Meridian Conference, books, quotes and poems about time, and tourist information about travel to Greenwich, England. Also see pictures of the gigantic, $1.25 billion dome being built in Greenwich to celebrate the millennium and buy tickets to visit the dome if you plan to travel to England.

For watch-lovers, the site includes short profiles of the world's watch companies. There's also an on-line shopping mall, in cooperation with The Sharper Image and other retailers, that sells watches, clocks and navigation aids.

- by Stacey King