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June 28, 1999
Creative Good

At 18, computer programmer Mark Hurst received a patent on a computer game he designed. At 22, he invented the Web's first interactive comic strip. At 24, two years ago, he founded his own company, an Internet consulting firm called Creative Good in Tarrytown, NY.

For the first years of the company's existence, Hurst wrote a weekly column explaining basic mysteries of computers and the Internet. His brief articles explained how to use search engines, defined cookies and Java, critiqued Web browsers and instructed users how to check e-mail when theyre on the road. His 77 columns are a great place to start if you're just getting started with the Internet or have questions along the way.

Though the section hasn't been updated lately, a Call to Action section supplements the articles. Here Hurst proclaims his company's mission is to make software and Internet servers easier to use. He encourages users to write companies and critique software changes thoroughly so companies can provide better products and customer service.

- by Stacey King