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June 14, 1999
Afghan Connection

If you're the type of jeweler who's just as thrilled with the origins of gemstones as you are with the finished jewelry in your showcases, this Web site is a fun place to visit.

GeoVision Inc. of Honolulu, HI, is a miner and supplier of colored gemstones with a specialization in gems from Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan and surrounding regions). The company's president, Gary Bowersox, cowrote a book with Bonita Chamberlin on Gemstones from Afghanistan and takes annual expeditions to the region to mine and buy ruby, garnet, emerald, lapis and other rough for its inventory. On the site you can view slide shows of Bowersox's adventures in the region as well as the cut and polished gemstones that resulted from the trip.

You can also read regular news updates about the political situation in Afghanistan, posted by Bowersox, hear a Real Audio sound file of the Afghan national anthem and click on links to Afghan news and government agencies. Detailed reports written by Bowersox for Gems & Gemology are also reprinted here.

The company keeps customers updated on its upcoming gem show appearances, offers Internet coupons for free gems and discounts, and an on-line inventory of available gemstones. You can also send "virtual gem" postcards to friends with a special message.

- by Stacey King