Site Review | Professional Jeweler

May 31, 1999

If your jewelry store is a family-owned business, browse this site's library of thought-provoking articles. A self-described "netcenter" for executives and owners of family-owned businesses, archives more than 300 articles on issues related to family businesses, plus provides regular business news bites.

Many of the articles are pulled from Centers for Family Business at universities around the country, the site says. Topics range from strategic, financial and legal planning – trusts, tax issues, estate planning, transfer of ownership and valuation – to more personal issues such as sibling rivalry, inter-generational conflicts and working with non-family managers and employees.

Daily news items round up general small business news, including technological updates, business trends and funding opportunities. You can sign up to receive news as an e-mail.

Technically speaking: There's a fast and easy search engine to help you look for specific keywords, and pull-down menus for browsing by topic. Text may be very small and hard to read, especially if you're using a Macintosh, so use your Preferences menu to increase font size if you want to read whole articles.

- by Stacey King