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May 10, 1999
Cultured Pearl Information Center

The Cultured Pearl Information Center has grown into the U.S. clearinghouse for cultured pearl promotion and press information. Long the American arm of the Japan Pearl Exporters' Association, CPIC now promotes all kinds of cultured pearls, including South Sea, Tahitian and Chinese freshwater. Most importantly, the agency baits the consumer magazine editors with its wonderous fashion shows and cocktail receptions, ensuring that pearls stay on the pages that consumers will read.

CPIC recently created a Web center for cultured pearl information. There is now a complete tour of educational and fashion information for consumers, and the agency plans to launch a trade center and press center soon. The site begins with a slide show of CPIC's outrageous, cutting-edge photography, one of its trademarks. Within the consumer site is a history of pearl culture, illustrated background about farming and manufacturing, and useful tips for pearl consumers – appropriate gift-giving occasions, how to buy and compare, and caring for the delicate gems. There is also a section of new designs and photos showing current fashion trends.

Technically speaking: The site uses JavaScript heavily, for "On Mouseovers" navigation bars, the home page slideshow and links. Download a newer version of your Web browser if you have trouble viewing the page.

- by Stacey King