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December 14, 1998
National Small Business United

More than three-fourths of small business owners think the current tax system should be scrapped in favor of a national sales tax (39%) or flat tax (38%). That's one of the facts you'll learn at the Web site of National Small Business United, which calls itself an advocate for small businesses.

NSBU recently completed a survey in conjunction with Arthur Andersen's Enterprise Group, and the summary is on the site, along with information issues facing small businesses today. Another tidbit from the survey: If you use a credit card to help finance your store, you're not alone – almost half of the survey's respondents said they do exactly that.

A non-partisan advocacy group, NSBU claims 65,000 U.S. members through its chapters and affiliate organizations. It keeps small business owners in touch with legislative and regulatory issues that affect them and seeks to enlist the small business community to take action on those issues.

The site includes a list of press releases and a "Small Biz Stats" section with the complete results of last year's survey.

The Hot Issues section highlights NSBU's efforts in fighting for tax cuts for small businesses and explains the organization's stand on the minimum wage and certain EPA decisions. Advocacy Tools offers tips on contacting your member of Congress and links to other advocacy sources and business-related sites.

- by Jack Heeger