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November 30, 1998
Small Business Administration's Y2K

In less than a year we'll be celebrating the millennium. But for business owners, it may be a nightmare instead of a celebration. Imagine not being able to retrieve your accounts receivable or losing inventory records or having your security system fail. All are possible if you experience Year 2000 bug, a programming oversight that will cause some computers to revert back to 1900 when the date changes to 2000.

Unlike the more alarming, doom-and-gloom sites about Y2K, the Small Business Administration's site is straightforward, presenting the problem and offering many solutions. It's easy to navigate and is broken into several segments. "Self-Assessment" provides a lengthy check-list of necessary steps for small businesses, along with instructions on how to safely test your own computers to determine their Y2K readiness.

SBA's site also includes links to companies making computer equipment so you can check to see what they've done about the problem, and it offers links to other sites, both private and governmental, that provide information and assistance.

As new developments occur, the SBA site is updated, so check it periodically to see what's new. There's news about Y2K Action Week, an awareness campaign, and links to audio and video streams of conferences and news reports. The Java-based countdown clock on the home page is particularly disconcerting.

- by Stacey King