Site Review | Professional Jeweler

November 23, 1998

You don't need those funny colored paper glasses to see the three-dimensional images of designer Michael Drechsler's custom-made jewelry. If you have the modem power and some time on your hands, you can examine his designs up close and from an angle on his Web site.

Drechsler, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, catalogs hundreds of examples of his work into more than 50 style categories, from wedding sets to sapphire earrings, all listed as links on the "Jewelry Photos" page. The links connect to pages with small photographs of Drechsler's designs, which can be enlarged for further examination.

To set himself apart from other designer's Web sites, Drechsler promotes the "3D" side of his site. Here he selects 3D renderings of his jewelry and diamond cuts, along with close-up photographs with depth and perspective. There are also several animations of his jewelry, available for download as AVI movies. (You'll need an "Unstuff" or "StuffIt Expander" program to decompress the file, and a movie player to view the animation.) He also offers his Web site development and graphic image services to jewelers who want to put their own work on-line.

Technically speaking: Plain and simple, the pages take a long time to load. The site is graphic-heavy and the server is somewhat slow. The pages are set up with frames, which are an advantage in this case because of the cumbersome image maps: they don't have to load again as you navigate the site.

- by Stacey King