Site Review | Professional Jeweler

June 8, 1998

What is this thing called ... moissanite? The coming of this new synthetic gemstone has caused a buzz in the industry because of its visual similarity to diamond and the confusion it's causing for many common diamond testers.

Now jewelers can find out more about moissanite at the new Web site by C3 Inc., the company who manufactures it. The site is meant to educate and market to jewelers and consumers alike, so there are dazzling descriptions of the gemstone as well as technical information. One page compares the Moh's hardness, toughness, refractive index, dispersion and specific gravity of synthetic moissanite to diamond, ruby and sapphire, cubic zirconia and emerald. There's also information about how to become a retailer of moissanite.

The site also takes an approach chosen by C3 for its entire marketing campaign: to position moissanite not as a substitute for diamonds, but as a "unique, new gemstone." One page describes moissanite as "a gemstone so brilliant, it illuminates the woman who wears it."

Technically speaking: There's not too much information here yet, but the site uses simple graphics and Java-enhanced navigation bars to organize the pages simply. Photos of the product and an animated image of a sparkling gemstone are saved to small file sizes for fast loading.

- by Stacey King