Site Review | Professional Jeweler

May 18, 1998
Tiffany & Co.

America's most recognized jeweler has finally brought its baby blues to the World Wide Web.

Tiffany & Co. has settled in at with its trademark powder-blue background, elegant simplicity and classy content. Rather than establishing an on-line retail outlet, the famous store has instead built a kind of luxury museum that educates customers about wearing jewelry and how to "look good doing it."

Among the offerings: a lesson in diamond quality (including an ingenious animated GIF demonstrating the "path of light" phenomenon to explain the Ideal Cut), an explanation of settings, how-to guides (how to buy cultured pearls, how to care for jewelry) and an etiquette handbook. Like in its retail stores, the site promotes the exclusivity and privilege of the Tiffany brand name while still bringing the amateur jewelry buyer back to basics.

Tiffany was until recently among the big names (including Cartier and Rolex) in the jewelry world that remained aloof amidst the Internet craze; its recognition of the medium as an important marketing tool speaks volumes about the evolution of the technological jeweler.

- by Stacey King