Site Review | Professional Jeweler

April 27, 1998

In honor of the World Watch, Clock and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland, this week, we visited Timezone, a popular forum and resource for watch dealers and collectors.

The site, though still partly under construction, is emerging as an all-inclusive database of information for members of the watch industry. Resources already on-line include an international directory of watch companies' addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and Web pages. Those in the works include a library of watch catalogues and a "What It's Worth" forum that will offer professional valuation and a database of current prices on-line. There are also technical columns, features and a regular "news and gossip" column rounding up trends and new products. Timezone also has a partnership with, the on-line bookstore, and offers watch books at discounted prices.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the level of participation in the site's forums. Buyers and sellers of watches can post their requests or products at the Sales Corner, then jog over to the crowded Message Board to talk shop. The forums get more postings in days than some Internet-based boards do in months; the participants are knowledgable and eager to share ideas.

Technically speaking: Timezone very recently underwent a facelift for easier navigation. The home page uses simple, elegant graphics and text for fast load time; within the site, photographs of watches are reproduced at excellent quality. Because of the recent reformatting, a link or two will fail to work from time to time, but overall the site is well maintained and easy to use.

- by Stacey King