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March 30, 1998
The Fancy Colored Diamond Exchange

Colored diamonds are attracting attention everywhere - from the American Museum of Natural History, book publishers and the auction houses – and this site is a brilliant educational resource for consumers and members of the trade alike.

Fancoldi R.T. of Ramat Gan, Israel, has built a site with detailed information on each fancy diamond color (including historical diamond colors, highest prices paid and largest recorded), guidelines on how to judge colored diamond prices, information on treated stones and a rundown of facts about patented Diamond Stars. Much of the information has been excerpted from the book Fancy Color Diamonds by Fancoldi's Harvey Harris and included photos from the book by gemstone photographer Tino Hammid. There is also a designer showcase of jewelry with diamond stars.

A trade-only diamond exchange is also accessible with a Polygon TradeLock password. While this part of the site is still largely under construction, there is an on-line auction, a request billboard, an "ask the expert" page and plans for a forum, chat room and news page.

Technically speaking: The site uses effective animated GIFs and small graphics that contribute to moderate-to-fast load time. It also uses quite a few frames, so beware if you have an older browser.

- by Stacey King